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Appointments - Ask Customer

Inquire with your Customers for their preferred meeting time.

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With the Request a Time feature within Cadence, you can ask your customers what time is most convenient for them.

Your schedule, along with your selected room(s) schedule will be used to find a time that works for everyone.

Enabling Request A Time – Ask Customer

To Enable Ask a Customer, open the Create an Appointment form. You can do this by clicking the plus sign on the appointments menu from the Appointments Website.

Now, find the Ask Customer section of the form and toggle on Ask Customer to enable.

Enabling Request A Time –Selecting Location(s)

The locations you select while using the Ask Customer feature will be used when presenting possible times to your customer (along with the Organizer's schedule). 

To select more than one room, click Select Another Location.

The Organizer’s schedule is used (along with the room(s) selected), to determine which times are available for the customer to select.

You will be added by default as the Organizer; however, if you’re scheduling an appointment for someone else, you can change the organizer by clicking the X next to your name and typing in the desired organizer. 

You can view any selected Organizer’s current schedule by clicking View Availability.

Enabling Request A Time – Selecting Customers and Internal Attendees

To add your Customers to a Request a Time appointment, search for them in the People section of the form. You can search by their Name, Company, Email, Region or Tumor Type.

Meetings With Multiple Customers

If there are more than one customers in your appointment, the first customer to respond will confirm your appointment time. Additional customers in the same appointment will have the ability to accept the meting time or contact the appointment’s scheduler.

Invites to Internal Attendees

When internal attendees are added to an Ask Customer appointment, they will not receive an invite until the customer has selected/confirmed the appointment date and time.

Enabling Request A Time – Preview and Send Request Email 

To preview the email that will be generated to your customer(s), click on Preview Email on the bottom-right corner of the appointment form pop-up.

You will then see a preview of the Appointment Invitation. To send the invitation for your Customer, select Send Invite bottom right of pop up.

Once sent, your customers will receive an email invitation asking them to Select Date & Time

Can't join us? If your customer is not planning to attend the event, they are able to click “Let us know”, which will inform the scheduler that the customer will not be attending. 

Enabling Request A Time – Response URL for Customers

When your customer clicks the Select Time & Date button in the email invite, they will be asked if they will attend in person or virtually,

They will then be presented with available time slots. Available times are generated by looking at the Organizer’s schedule, and the Room(s)availability selected when sending the invite.

If no times are convenient for your invited customer(s), they can request a time by selecting the link at the top. "Don't see a time that works for you, request a time and our scheduler will work to align the time with the team. This will generate an email to the scheduler in order to find a better time, or location to hold the appointment.

Once your customer selects a time, they will then be asked to confirm the time.

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