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Proposed Appointment Status
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If your are scheduling an appointment, but do not yet have all of the required information to send an invite, you can create a record of an appointment that is in progress. 

To begin creating an appointment with a Proposed Status, open the new appointment form by clicking on the big green plus ( + ) from the Appointments Page.

From the New Appointment form, you only need to add an Appointment Name in order to Save the appointment with a Proposed Status.

Attendees, Time, Date, Location, and Objective are optional.

Proposed appointments will display with the status of Proposed. You can also think of this as a Draft status.

Confirming/Sending your Proposed Appointment

To finalize your Proposed Appointment, find it in My Appointments Option Icon (•••) and select Edit.

Once the required fields are completed on the form, Preview Email will be active and you can proceed to create your appointment as you would regularly.

Once finalized, your appointments status will now appear as Pending (until accepted or declined by invitees).


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