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How to add a Text section to your Home Screen (Event Details)
How to add a Text section to your Home Screen (Event Details)
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Home is where the heart is. It's always where your attendees are welcomed to your event. 

When your attendees tap or swipe up on the Home screen of your event, they will be presented with Event Details. This is a handy place where you can add welcome messages, directions, materials and links to Speakers, Maps and other helpful content. 

Let's start with how you can create a section and add text to Home. 

Start by navigating to the Home menu.

Note: By default, your Event Location is automatically added to your Event.

Click on the Plus Sign in the upper-right corner.

Now enter your Section Name and your desired Text. 

Finally, set who can see this section with the Visible To field. By Default it is set to All, but you can specify who can see this section by changing this to Specified and then selecting the People or Groups that should see the section. 

Now press Save

Your new section will now appear in the Home menu and in Cadence.  Let's see how it looks.

Looks great! But I want my Welcome section to appear first. 

Arranging The Order Sections Are Displayed

To change the order Event Details sections are displayed, return to the Home menu, and click and drag the order you wish. 

When I return to Cadence, I'll find the section in the order specified.
Note: You may need to refresh Cadence to make changes appear immediately. You can do this by 

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