Needing to add Attendees to your event without sending an invite? Or maybe you're adding a VIP that you don't want to require them to register.

Check out this Loom video for more information on adding Attendees to your event.

How to add an Attendee (Current Users)

Navigate to your event's administrative portal and find the People menu on the left-hand side of your screen. 

From People click on the Attendees sub-menu to find all of your current Attendees.

Next click on the big plus sign ( + ) and, then click Assign Attendee

Next, type in the person's email that you wish to add.

Once done, click Add. The person you added will now appear within your Attendees list. The next time they login to Cadence, they will find the event.

Troubleshooting F.A.Q

"The person's email didn't appear when I searched them, why?"
If the email you searched did not appear, they may not already be a user. You can check this by navigating to the Users menu on the top of your screen and ensuring the person you are trying to add exists. 

Alternatively, make sure that the user is not already an attendee of your event. They may not be added twice.

How to add an multiple Attendees (Current Users)

To add multiple email addresses as attendees, click on Assign Multiple Attendees by Email Address within the Attendees menu. 

First, Select Assign Multiple Attendees by Email Address. You will find a pop-over form that allows you to enter multiple email addresses. 

Enter each email on a separate row. 

Helpful Tip: You can copy a list of email addresses straight from a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet by selecting the row of email addresses and copying. Then pasting them to this pop-over.

Troubleshooting F.A.Q

"Email addresses I entered weren't imported, help!"

Solution #1: Please make sure the email addresses you added exist in your Users. Click on the Users menu towards the top of your screen. Any email addresses that exist in Users can be added. 

Solution #2: The users you added were already an Attendee. You can see all current Attendees in the Attendees Menu. 

Solution #3: Make sure you added each email address on a separate row and not comma separated.

Check out this Loom video for more information on adding Attendees to your event.

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