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Overview of Inviting the various methods to invite People to your Event

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You've created your event and now you want to give attendees access to your event via Cadence. 

Check out this Loom video for more information on inviting and/or uploading Users to the Cadence platform.

Inviting Attendees

Step 1. Navigate to your Attendees Menu

To begin inviting Attendees, head to the Cadence Administrative Portal at Once you are logged in, navigate to your event and find the People menu on the left-hand side of your screen. 

From People click on the Attendees sub-menu to find all of your current Attendees. If you just created your event, you may find a near-empty page – let's change that!

Step 2. Open Invite Attendees

 From the Attendees page, click on the Plus Sign ( + ) and then click on "Invite Attendees"

Step 3. Select the Method of Inviting Attendees

Now, select how you want to add or import users to invite to your event.

Google Contacts – Authenticate your Google Account and then select which of your Google contacts you want to invite.

Outlook Contacts – To access your Outlook Attendees in order to invite them to an event, authenticate your Outlook account by following the prompts, then select which of your Outlook Contacts you'd like to invite. 

CSV File - Click on CSV to import people to invite with a .CSV file. You will need an Email, First Name, and Last Name in order to import. You can also use the CSV Template to format your CSV file prior to importing.

XLSX or XLS Files - To import user to invite with a Microsoft Excel file use this option. We recommend using the Simple Template

Manual - Use this option to manually add invitees. You will need the First Name, Last Name, and Email of each person you wish to manually add. 

Past Events - You can add users from past events by selecting the Past Events option. This will display a full list of your account's previous users.

Using any of the methods above, you will be asked to select the people you want to invite. 

Once you've selected the people you wish to invite, click Add Users. 

Step 4 - Add a Invite Message (optional)

You can optionally add an invitation message to your invite, which will appear in invite emails.

Step 5 - Send Invites. Once you're ready to send your invites, click Send Invite. Once emails have been send you will receive a confirmation. 

Check out this Loom video for more information on inviting and/or uploading Users to the Cadence platform.

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