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Compete - How to create & manage Teams at your event
Compete - How to create & manage Teams at your event
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To enable your Compete menu with Teams in Cadence, go to the Menu Configuration option under Event Setup in the Cadence administrative site. 

Now, check Compete to enable the compete menu and then enable the sub-menu Teams. 

Once enabled you will now find the Compete menu in Cadence. If you wish to see this menu option immediately within Cadence, you may need to reload your event by accessing the menu option Events and then tapping on your event. 

Next, you'll find "Attendees" in your left-hand menu, and click "Compete Groups"

From here, you will click the blue plus (+) button to add as many teams as you wish

You'll start by giving the team a name, under the "details" tab. Here you can also mark if this team should be publicly displayed within the platform.

Next, you'll build the team by selecting the users who make up this team. Click the smaller blue plus (+) button next to the "users" tab.

You can then build the team's profile, and assign a team lead along with a team photo as well.

And finally, if you ever need to manually assign points for this team, you can do so under the "manual points" tab here. Click the word "Add" in blue, and you will then be prompted to select the competition (leaderboard) you would like to assign the points for, how many points, and a reason for assigning them.

Check out this quick video for a walk-through of what was covered above!

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