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How to send a Notification to your Attendees
How to send a Notification to your Attendees

Sending Push Notifications and Emails to your Attendees

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Need to send everyone an update? You can setup push notifications in Cadence to make sure everyone gets the message. 

Send a notification now

First, navigate to the Notifications menu on the left-side of your administration portal and press the big plus sign ( + ) on the top right of the page.

Enter a Subject and Body. For my notification, I'll be sending the following:

Welcome Everyone!

Don't forget to stop by the registration desk to get your swag bags! 

Next, specify who you want to send the notification to. If you want everyone in your event to receive it, select All, or you can select Specified if you want only specific people to receive. 

Specifying your notification

You are able to specify a notification for all attendees, specific people or groups, or a schedule item and those attendees who have added that schedule item to their schedule or have been assigned.

Sending a Notification as an Email

You can select Send as Email to send your notifications as an email. This can be great for important messages or to send notifications to those who haven't yet installed the mobile app. 

Testing your notification. 

Before we sent it to everyone, let's make sure it looks ok. You can do this by adding your email in the Select Review Users field.

Now at the bottom of your click Send To Review Users. This will send a push notification to your device. 

Note: By nature, push notifications will not appear as a badge if you're currently in Cadence. However they will always appear on your Home screen and Notifications screen.

Send to All - This will send to everyone you specified. If you selected All it will trigger to everyone. If you Specified users, it will go to all users you specified.

Schedule - Pressing Schedule will allow you to select a date and time to send.

Send to groups

You can send to your groups by typing in the group name. For info on how to setup a group, visit the How to create Groups article.

Note: Users must have app installed and be logged in for notifications to be received.

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