First, navigate to Companies menu on the left side of your administrative website.

Now, click the big plus sign ( + ) to create a new Company. 

Now, fill in the Name of the Company. a Image or Logo and a URL (optional). Note: If you include a URL, attendees will be taken to this URL when clicked or tapped.

How to get Company to Appear on your Event Details section. 

First, navigate to your Home menu on the left-side of your the Administrative site. 

Create a section by pressing the big plus sign ( + ). For this example, we're going to make two related sections, Company, and Partners

Once you save your section, you will see a new set of options appear. 

Click on the "Link to Company" button. You will then be able to add a name and select the companies populated on your Companoes page. For this example, I created a Cadence as a Company. 

Now Save your section and don't forget to also save the overall Home screen section you were editing.

Let's check Cadence to see what's changed

And on our Public Registration URL

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