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How to add a PDF to a Session's Details
How to add a PDF to a Session's Details

Attaching a PDF document to your Session for Attendees to View

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Let's say I'm hosting an important workshop and need to give access to a PDF for attendees to review beforehand. 

No need to email it, you can add it directly to Cadence. 

To do this, go to the session from the Schedule Menu

In this case, I have a session called Workshop that I want to add some light reading to. In this case I have a PDF of Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

Your session details will look something like the image below. 

Now, click on the Materials tab.

Now click on the Plus Sign ( + )

This will reveal a page to create a Materials Section within the Session's Details. 

Add a section name and any text (optional). 

I'm naming my section, "Materials (please read before workshop)". 

Note: By default this section will be visible to all event participants. To make this only accessible to some use the Visible To option. 

Now, press Save.

Once the page refreshes you will see options beneath the header Links

Click on, Link to Material 

I'm going to create a new material by then clicking Create Material. However you can also Select Material to add previously uploaded materials.

Next, Upload the PDF and give it a name for how you want it displayed in Cadence.

Click Next. 

Now select when you want it released. You can make it immediately available by selecting Immediately underneath the Release pull-down menu, or time it be visible at a specific date or time by selecting Predetermined.

In our case we're going to make it immediately Available. 

Now click Save, and then Save again on the next page to confirm your changes.

Now if I navigate to Workshop in Cadence, you'll see the material appearing. 

Now anyone can tap and view the PDF, they can event share it by tapping on the options icon ( ••• ). 

Happy reading and have a great event!

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