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How to add a section to your event's Home Screen (Event Details)
How to add a section to your event's Home Screen (Event Details)
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You can add all sorts of content on Event Details of your Event. (as a reminder this is accessed in-app by swiping up on the home screen or tapping Event Details at the bottom of Home)

To add a new section click on Home on the left-hand menu.

Now click on the big Plus Sign ( + ) 

Now name your the section as you want it to display in the Cadence and also add any text you wish to appear under the section header. 

For an example, I'm creating a welcome section to say hello to attendees. 

Under Visible To section you can specify who can see this section. By default it's set to All meaning everyone in your event can see the section. 

Now press Save

In Cadence, you will now see the section you just created.

You will notice after pressing Save you will now have the ability to link to a Person, Location, Material or Session. 

Let's highlight the Opening Ceremony session I created previously. 

Click Link to Session. This will bring you to a popup where you can specify which session you want to add and let you name it. All sessions you've created will appear in the dropdown menu.

Now press Save. 

Let's see how this looks in Cadence. 

Hope this is helpful! Have a great event.

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