System generated emails act as a crucial touch-point when inviting your customers to an appointment. This article is an overview of the different types of emails generated when booking appointments.

Appointment Invitation - Standard Invite for Specified Time

Both customers and internal employees will receive the same invitation with all of the details of your appointment. 

Each section of the appointment invite is detailed below.

Subject: Invitation: [Appointment Name] ([Appointment Date and Time])

Example Subject Line:
"Invitation: Meeting with Doctor Smith (January 15 2:00 PM PST)"

Email Text

"Hello Dr. [Customers Last Name],

You have been invited to meet with [Organizer's Name] at [Event Name].

[Personal Message (if added]

If you have any questions or would like to request a different appointment time, please contact [Scheduler's Name] at [Scheduler's Email Address].

Regards, [Organizer's Name]"

Note: If your appointment was scheduled by someone else, the scheduler's contact information will appear. If you are booking your own appointment, your name and contact information will appear. 

Appointment Invitation - Ask Customer for Preferred Time

The Ask Customer feature allows you to inquire with your customers about which times and dates work best for them. The following invitation is only displayed to Customers. 

Subject: Invitation: [[Appointment Name]] (Select Date and Time)


"Dear Dr. [Customer Last Name],

I am writing to you to inquire about your attendance at this year's [Event Name] being held in [Location Name] on [Start Date and End Date]. This request is for a brief 30-minute meeting with a few of our team members to discuss your perspective as a key scientific leader.
We look forward to hearing from you. 

[Organizer Name]"

Note: Once your customer has selected a time, internal employees will receive the standard invitation including the time and date selected by the Customer.

Organizer's Confirmation Email

As the organizer of an appointment, you will automatically be sent a confirmation email once an appointment is booked. You will receive this confirmation if you booked the appointment or it was scheduled for you by someone else.

The Organizer Confirmation Email will show the details of your appointment, the names and emails of your invitee's, as well as the ability to Add to Calendar or Subscribe to Calendar. Subscribing to the calendar from your Desktop will allow you to see all appointments scheduled, without having to add future appointments to your calendar.

Invitee Acceptance and Decline Emails


When an invitee accepts your invitation the Scheduler of the appointment will immediately receive an Acceptance Confirmation


When an invitee declines your invitation, you will receive an Appointment Declined email displaying the person that declined the appointment, as well as their reason for declining (if provided). 

If an invitee declines the appointment or clicks "Request a new time." They will be prompted for the reason they declined. Options include Not Attending Event, Different Date & Time Needed, and Other. Decline reasons will be sent to the Scheduler of the appointment.

Subject: [Customer Name] has accepted your appointment request
Example Subject Line: Dr. Smith has accepted your appointment request

Body Text:

"Hello [Name],

[Customer Name] has accepted your invite to [Appointment Name] at [Event Name] on [Date and Time] in [Room Name]."

Appointment Change Email

When an appointment's Date, Time, or Location is changed, all Pending and Confirmed Invitees will be sent an Appointment Change email. 

Note: Changing Appointment Name or Objective will not trigger a change email to your invitees. 

Subject: Appointment Change: A change has been made to [Appointment Name] at [Event Name]

Body Text:
"Hello [Invitee Name],

Your confirmed appointment with [Organizer Name] at [Event Name] has been updated.

If you have any questions or would like to request a different appointment time, please contact [Scheduler Name] at [Scheduler Email].

[Organizer Name]"

Appointment Cancellation Email

When any appointment is cancelled, all invitees are notified via email. The reason for cancellation will be included will be included to all of your attendees if cancelled through the appointment website.

Subject: Appointment Cancelled: [Appointment Name] has been cancelled for [Event Name]

Body Text: 

"Hello [Invitee Name],

Your confirmed appointment with [Organizer Name] at [Event Name] has been cancelled.

[Cancelation Reason]

We hope to have an opportunity to meet with you in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact [Scheduler Name] at [Scheduler Email] or call [Scheduler Phone Number].

Best Regards,
[Organizer Name]"

Appointment Reminder (For Customers)

Your customers will receive an appointment reminder email 24 hours before your appointment is scheduled. The reminder email will outline the details of the appointment as well as contact information of the organizer in case the invitee needs to get in touch. 

Subject: Appointment Reminder: [Appointment Name] (Appointment Date and Time) is tomorrow!

Body Text:

"Hello [Invitee Name],

This is a friendly reminder that your appointment is coming up tomorrow with [Organizer Name] at [Appointment Date and Time].

If you have any questions or would like to request a different appointment time, please contact [Scheduler Name] at [Scheduler Email] or call [Scheduler Phone Number].

[Organizer Name]"

Appointment Reminders (For Internal Employees)

Internal employees will receive two automated emails outlining upcoming appointments. One the evening before the appointments and another the morning of appointments. 

The morning email will be received at 6 AM. This email will show the current status, time, location as well as Organizer information.

The evening email is received at 7 PM before appointments scheduled for the following day.

Subject: Your Appointments For Today - [Today's Date]

Good morning Seth, Below are your upcoming appointments for today, [Today's Date]. "

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