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How to scan a badge (QR code)

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To Scan a Badge, tap on the Cadence logo on the bottom right-hand side of the Home screen. The, tap Scan a Badge.

Align the square box to the badge code you are scanning 

Once the badge is recognized, an ID card will appear for the individual you just scanned.

You can either continuing scanning other badges, or you may see the person's info by tapping Tap a Card to View Profile

The Badge Scan profile will be configured for the event at which you are attending Contact Details will show you the information provided on the Badge.

Viewing Previously Scanned Leads

You will be able to revisit any of the scans, at any time and make adjustments. To find a repository of all your scans, open the app menu by swiping right.

View My Leads

Once in the Leads menu, you will automatically be taken to My Leads. This will display all Leads you've scanned. 

View All Leads

To see all Leads, including those scanned by your team-members, tap on All Leads.

Event Specific Configurations

Each of the sections below are optional configurations depending on your event.


You may see Notes. Here you can capture any free text from your discussions. Notes will be shared with your team-members.

Product Lists

You may see Product List. Here you could capture which products are being discussed during your interaction by tapping on the applicable product.


You may see Survey(s). Here your organizer has asked you to respond the assigned survey questions, and answer appropriately.

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