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Home is where the heart is

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The home screen is your launching point to access everything in the app. Here you will find: 

• Event Name and Date(s)
• Access to the Main Menu
• Be Alerted to new Notifications
• Access Messaging
• Event or Company Details
• Countdown
• Weather

Event Name and Date(s)

At the top of Home you will first find the Event Name and Date(s) of your Event. 

Access to the Main Menu

To access the Main Menu, simply swipe right on the home screen. Note: You can also access the menu by swiping right on most other screens.

Be alerted to new Notifications

When you receive a Notification, you will see the latest three notifications on the home screen. 

If you have more than 3 notifications, View All Notifications will appear on your home screen, tapping this will take you to the Notifications screen. (helpful hint: you can also access notifications by swiping right on the home screen and tapping #Notifications)

Access Messaging

Swipe Left on the home screen to access Messaging. Within Messaging, you will find Notifications, Announcements, Channels, and Direct Messages.

Event/Company Details

You will find details under Event Details or Company Details (depending on your configuration) at the bottom of your home screen. It is accessible simply by swiping up on the home screen. 

Depending on your configuration, within Details you will find Systems, Recommended Content, Welcome Message, Location Map, Materials (PDFs, Videos, Etc), Support Staff. 


In the lead up to your event, you may find a countdown clock on your home screen, counting down until the beginning of an event. Note: this can be configured to not appear


During your event, current weather will display on the home screen. By tapping the current weather icon you will see detailed weather for the current week. 

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