We've been hard at work and pleased to announce Cadence Version 1.9. Below you will find new additions with the recent update that we can't wait to share with you.

New Features

Giphy Integration - Who doesn't like a good gif? Now send GIFs in Live Feed Posts and Messages

Companies – You can now add companies to Cadence. Companies can be configured to highlight your event’s Sponsors, Vendors, Organizations, and Partners or any other collection of Companies.

Event Moments - Introducing Event Moments. Now you can take all of your unforgettable experiences at your event and share them wife. Event moments takes all content posted to your Live Feed and presents them in a neat, sharable URL. 

Appointments - Planned Status Appointments can now be created before invites are sent or required details are received.

Appointments – Cancellation reason prompt will now display in-app when cancelling an appointment.


Profile - My Job Role –  Job Roles can now be configured on the company-level by checking This Company has Job Roles within the Account Menu -> Job Roles. When enabled, Job Roles appear on all Profiles under My Job Role

The Customers menu will now only display Customers who have an active appointment in the current event.

Haptic Feedback - It's just a fancy way of saying vibrate. Nevertheless, many actions now give physical feedback when tapped.

People Menu – The People menu is now optimized to load large numbers of attendees more quickly.

Appointments – Creating a User or Customer within Appointments no longer trigger’s auto-complete or spell checker, making entering less common names easier.

When creating an appointment, start time now defaults to the next available time.

Session Details - Tapping should now jumps user to materials section of the session.

Menus and Section Header Design Update - Headers and Section listings throughout the app have been updated to be more prominent and increase legibility.

Events Menu – If an event spans two years, both years are now displayed within event dates.

Scheduled Materials – Materials that are set to release at a specific time and date, now rely on device’s time in order to release at exact time needed

Appointment Check-in – Newly created events now have Standard Check-in enabled by default.

Collections can now be configured to add or remove certify completion. Enabling/disabling certification can be achieved through the Collection Content menu by checking or unchecking Enable Certify Completion

Materials – Within Materials Configuration you can now check/uncheck Add to Collection Content, which will add the individual materials to Collections.

Appointment Calendar Invites now display Appointment info within ICS notes, including Personal Message and Organizer contact details.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug that affected editing text for Live Feed Posts that caused the cursor to jump to the end of inputted text. 

Connection Request – Requesting to connect with another user now instantly displays Pending Connection. Previously there was an unnecessary delay after tapping Connect.

Materials – Websites that contain a ‘#’ were improperly loading in app and giving a 404 error.

Appointments – Check-in Opt-in/Out – Signatures and the Opt-in/out status now appear in Appointment Reports (found in Reports left-hand Menu)

iPad - Some users experienced a crash when attempting to share a material, which has been fixed.

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