To setup a new event, click on "Events" on the top of your screen. Then click on the big green plus sign ( + ). This will bring you to your the event wizard that will take you through step by step to create the event. 

Now Let's get started.

Step 1. Event Details: here you will name your event, and input the dates of your event.

Step 2. Input your Location: First select the city where your event will be held, and then enter the name of the venue or location. Once you press "Next", you'll receive a confirmation to make sure we've got the right location. 

Step 3. Add an Image: Next, find an image for your event. This image will become your home screen within the app. You will then be asked to crop your image for use on different types of devices. Easy as that! 

Don't see an image you like with Unsplash or Foursquare? Upload your own by clicking "Upload"

Step 4. Customize your Menu: You can customize which features will appear in your app by checking the ones you want. Don't need Maps? Easy, just uncheck it. Need to rename "People" to something like "Attendees", not a problem, just click rename and enter how you'd like the menu to be displayed in the app.

Finally, organize your menu how you'd like it. Drag and drop each menu and it will appear in that order inside the app. Simple! We like that.

Step 5. Set how your attendees will appear. Set which information will be included on your attendees profiles such as Titles, Company, and even Department. Not trying to get too formal? Unselect Title and Company, and let loose.

Step 6. Add Branding (enterprise version only): Finally, if you want to add branding to your app, you can upload your logo. We recommend using a PNG without a background to give it that nice clean feeling.

Finally, confirm your details. 

That's it!

Have a great event!

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