Job Roles are a way to add specific roles within your organization that appear within users' profiles. You can configure any job functions within your organization with a description.

Enabling My Job Roles in your Account. 

To Enable Job Roles in your account, click on your profile photo within your administrative website, and then click on Company Account to display your Company-level account settings. 

Next, click on the Job Roles menu item. 

Next, to enable Job Roles, check the This Company has Job Roles checkbox. Once enabled, all profiles within your company will display a My Job Roles menu item within each users' profile. 

How to Create a Job Role

Once Job Roles have been enabled (see instructions above), you will now find a plus sign on the top-right of your Job Roles page. To create a new Job Role, click on the plus sign and fill in the Name and Description of the job role. 

Once you press Save, you will now find two new menu items within the Job Role you created, Responsibilities, and Users Assigned. 

You can add a list of Responsibilities for any given job role by navigation to the Responsibilities page, and then clicking the plus sign to create a new responsibly. 

How to Assign a Job Role to a user

Once you've created a Job Role and any related Responsibilities using the instructions above, you can assign the job role to users. Once assigned, this job role and it's description, and responsibilities will appear in any assigned users' profiles. 

To assign, go to the Job Role that you wish to assign and click on the Users Assigned menu.

Assign users to the job role by clicking on the plus sign in the upper-right portion of your screen and type or paste in a list of email addresses which should display this job role. 

Please note that email addresses must be on a separate line and not comma separated. See example in image below. 

Voila! Now you have job roles. 

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